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Let us help you with

If you're a couple looking to strengthen your relationship but don't know where to begin.
We can provide the tools you need to foster connection and improve communication within a matter of weeks

Perhaps you've tried various approaches, such as seeking advice from friends or reading relationship books, but have yet to see significant progress. If so, our services may be just what you need.

By taking action now, you can quickly address your relationship issues and start experiencing the benefits of a more connected, communicative partnership. Our services can help you and your partner rebuild intimacy, ensure that your voices are heard and understood, establish meaningful dialogue, and build trust in your relationship.

Couples therapy

Trying to sweep relationship problems under the rug leads to bigger problems. Most couples wait 6 years after problems start to get help. Why wait 6 years, when in your first treatment session, you can have practical tools to implement immediately to make your relationship better.

Online Individual Relationship Therapy 

Average Sessions : 8-15

You can improve your relationship, even if your partner isn’t ready for therapy. 

Individual Relationship Therapy focuses on you and can improve intimacy and connection by addressing barriers to emotional connection and relationship disengagement. The process begins with a relationship history questionnaire and virtual assessment meeting to understand your unique needs and goals. A custom-tailored treatment plan is then created to bridge relationship science with practical application. You will gain skills and strategies to create respectful and engaged relationships, with resources ranging from communication scripts to relationship principles you can apply at home. The goal is to leave therapy with action-oriented strategies and a solid foundation for successful relationships.

Therapy session

Couples Therapy 

Average Sessions : 8-15

Couples therapy assist couples in overcoming emotional distance and resolving past hurts, ultimately leading to create more connected and harmonious relationship.

Couples Therapy is designed to help couples restore emotional intimacy, resolve conflicts, and heal emotional wounds. Through a targeted assessment and treatment process, couples identify the obstacles in their relationship and learn action-oriented strategies to overcome them. This process begins with an in-depth relationship questionnaire, individual interviews, and a joint interview. The therapist uses this information to pinpoint the issues and provide resources tailored to the couple's specific needs. These resources include communication skills templates, conflict resolution blueprints, and fun games that cultivate connection. The goal is to equip couples with the tools to create a connected, respectful, and engaged relationship that lasts.

Optional Add On: The Gottman Relationship Check Up is an in-depth assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of a couple's relationship.

Couples  Therapy

Mental Health Individual Therapy

Average Sessions : 8-15

Mental Health Therapy is available to individuals who are struggling with day-to-day functioning due to mental health concerns. Through the assessment process the therapist will pin-point the kind of mental health barriers and recommend a treatment plan to overcome issues that are causing distress in your life.


The fine-tuned process starts with a mental health screening assessment, supplemented by online questionnaires. Once your assessment is complete, a treatment plan will be tailored to your individual needs. Using evidence-based practice, therapy will be action-oriented, giving you tools for continued success, even after therapy is complete.


Develop the skills to overcome mental health challenges. Through coping skills or learning to think differently, clients leave therapy with a clear understanding of their problem, at-home strategies to work through problems, and increased ability to cope. 

Therapy Closeup

Issues Commonly Addressed

Emotional Intimacy

Communication skills





Creating Connection

Physical Intimacy


Emotional wounds



Therapy Methods that are Backed by Science

Stop wasting time on relationship help that does not work. AK Counseling & Therapy uses two main approaches to couples and relationship problems: The Gottman Method Couples Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Emotional connection and intimacy are key factors in a successful relationship. Couples who share their innermost thoughts and feelings with each other, and who make an effort to understand and support each other, tend to have stronger and more fulfilling relationships.

Counseling Features

Rest assured, your confidentiality is our top priority, fostering a safe space for open dialogue and healing. With our evidence-based approach and client-driven focus, we provide tailored resources to support your journey towards mental well-being and relationship harmony.

Counseling Features - Confidentiality: AK Counseling& Therapy


Counseling Features- Evidence based: AK Counseling& Therapy

Evidence Based Practices

Counseling Features - Client driven: AK Counseling& Therapy

Client-Driven Sessions

Your identity and information is never made public. Everything you share with us, remains confidential.

We value science here. We keep up with the best scientific knowledge and there's no space for voodoo here.

Counseling Features - Action plan: AK Counseling& Therapy

Clients take the driving seat during sessions. Counselors focus on the problems that are of highest priority to you.

Counseling Features - Resources: AK Counseling& Therapy

Action Plan

Learning resources

Sessions are followed by homework and action plans constructed for your unique problems and goals.

To make therapy even more powerful, we will share relevant learning resources in the form of videos, articles, podcasts and book recommendations.

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